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Sunday October 6th, 2019  -  03:00 pm
Concert hall, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot

Martinu, Mozart and Mendelssohn. Not only do they share their first consonant together, but they’ve also left us all a wealth of chamber music outside of their standard work. In 1947, the Czech Bohuslav Martinu commited himself to chamber music exclusively. The piece Three Madrigals, which contains folk and bohemian elements, is the first work from his chamber music repertoire and is inspired by our second composer: Mozart. Mozart was only 33 when he completed his clarinet quartet in Viena on the 20th of September 1789. It is considered as one of his most beautiful and impresive chamber music pieces he wrote. As the closer of our program,  we have the very popular second string quartert by Felix Mendelssohn.

Zilvinas BRAZAUSKAS clarinet
Yukiko UNO violin
Clara EVENS violin
Kei TOJO viola
Vincent HEPP viola
Natania HOFFMAN cello
Clara DE DECKER presentation

B. Martinu, “three madrigals” for violin en viola

W. A. Mozart, clarinet quintet in A, KV. 581


F. Mendelssohn, string quintet no. 2 in Es, op. 87


Sunday October 20th, 2019  -  03:00 pm
Concert hall, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot

It has happened more than once that a composer, no matter how weak he is at that moment, writes a masterpiece at the end of his life. The Austrian composer Franz Schubert (1828) wrote his string quintet in C a couple of months before his death. It is a musical monument. Everything he has been through in his short existence, every bit of joy, pain, fear, sadness and innocence, has found its way into this quintet. It is the music of passionate intensity, a romantic sorrow and luckily also a spontaneous happiness. After this intense string quintet, we’ll immerse you in the Spanish Fandango atmospheres to blow off some steam with Boccherini’s quintet and castanets.

Miriam HELMS ALIEN violin
Clara EVENS violin
Florian PEELMAN viola
Han Bin YOON cello
Beata ANTIKAINEN cello
Siebe CHAU guitar
Clara DE DECKER presentatie

F. Schubert, string quintet in C, d 956

L. Boccherini, quintet no. 4 in d, “fandango'“


Sunday February 9th, 2020  -  03:00 pm
Concert hall, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot

Who said you need a big symphony orchestra to experience fantastic symphonies? A few years ago, a couple of musicians in Amsterdam founded the ‘Intercontinental Ensemble’. They create the perfect symphonic illusion with only nine instruments by combining the grandeur of orchestral tones with the intimacy of chamber music.  The ensemble conducts a concert with the best symphonic works of German romanticism. Music that storms and urges, with a smile as well as with a tear: the sparkling fourth symphony of Mendelssohn, the noble violin concerto of Schumann with violinist Clara Evens as soloist and the melancholic Poco Allegretto from Brahms. All arrangements made by Ernst Spyckerelle.

Ernst SPYCKERELLE direction & arrangements
Clara EVENS violin
Clara DE DECKER presentation

F. Mendelssohn, symphony no. 4 in A, op. 90 “Italienische” (arr. Ernst Spyckerelle)


R. Schumann, concerto for violin in D, woo. 23 (arr Ernst Spyckerelle)

J. Brahms, symphony no. 3 in F, op. 90, poco allegretto (arr Ernst Spyckerelle)


Sunday February 23rd, 2020  -  03:00 pm
Concert hall, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot

Anton Webern, together with Alban Berg, is the best known student of composer Arnold Schönberg, whom they studied with in Vienna. They embraced the twelve-tone-method, developed by their tutor, and all three went down as ‘The Second Viena School’, after the analogy of ‘The First Viena School’ by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Webern’s short ‘Satz für Streichtrio’ demonstrates this dodecaphony in a nutshell. Back in the tonal world, Erno Dohnanyi ponders over his birth country Hungary, while Tchaikovsky mulls over Florence. How often didn’t Tchaikovsky wander back to the places in the world where he found peace for his taunted soul. He converted those recollections in music and gifted us with one of his most beautiful and melancholy compositions. We conclude this concert with a jewel for string sextet: Souvenir de Florence.

Kaoru OE violin
Clara EVENS violin
Kei TOJO viola
Karolina ERRERA viola
Bryan CHENG cello
Beata ANTIKAINEN cello
Clara DE DECKER presentation

A. Webern, satz für streichtrio, op. posth

E. Dohnanyi, serenade in C, Op. 10


P. Tschaikowsky, string sextet in d, op. 70 “Souvenir de Florence”